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The Amanwella is located a little bit past Tangalle and is a secluded villa, elevated over the beach between two rocky headlands. It is a tranquil, contemporary beachside retreat and its clean vertical lines stand in contrast to the surrounding rugged landscape. Amanwella prides itself on the fact that its construction was completed without any encroachment on natural surroundings, thus leaving its guests free to witness the innate beauty of the environs while nestled comfortably in the lap of luxury.

The Amanwella provides an excellent vantage point from which to observe some of the finest natural wonders of Sri Lanka such as the seasonal egg laying of the marine turtles, herds of elephants in their natural habitat, as well as the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Rooms come only in the form of 30 exclusive suites, and each suites come with varying views of either ocean or coconut grove. They feature modern undisturbed lines and floor to ceiling glass paneling on two sides as well as a private courtyard and plunge pool. The courtyard is designed for banquette dining as well. All suites feature a combined living and sleeping area, writing desk, armchair with footstool and private bar with refreshments. The bathroom is open concept with twin vanities, dressing area and standing bathtub.

The spa at Amanwella, fondly known as the baths, is perhaps the best in the whole island. Spa treatments however are also provided in the privacy of one’s suite and consist of facials, massages and body treatments with all natural products.